Cast of Characters

In Order of Appearance

Character About First Appearance
Abraxas The all-consuming hive consciousness born of the fusion of inorganic and organic life that is destined to end free will and homogenize all sentience in the multiverse. Chapter 1
Ancaster (Andy) Crowley Teenager, headbanger, Dungeon Master, and sole sorcerer of Sanctuary destined to become the organic catalyst for the ascent of the Abraxas. Chapter 1
Nick Andy’s best friend. Chapter 1
Tin Prince Twain The feuding souls of Aleister Crowley and Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain) inhabiting an immortal robot body built by Nikola Tesla. He is one of the most adept sorcerers in the multiverse and will defeat the Abraxas in the War of All Gods 3000 years in the future. Chapter 2
Lucifer Estranged archangel of Heaven, curator of cultural museum paradise of Hades Prime, regent of the United Hells, and unabashed champion of self-expression and free will. Chapter 2
Pharaoh Garuk Motankhamun IV Emperor of the First Martian Solar Dynasty who managed the relocation of the seat of the Multiverse-spanning Martian Merchant Empire from Mars proper to the Galilean moons of Jupiter, guardian of the gateway to Sanctuary, and adoptive father of dimension-faring swashbuckler Kipling Kilroy. Chapter 3
Cormac Kipling Kilroy Captain of the alchemical Martian dreamship Lady Anuket, lord of the inter-dimensional Sea of Tears. cormac of the Stygian navy of Olympus and general freebooting swashbuckler extraordinaire. Chapter 3
The Banjoman Irascible, but generally affable, lord of Limbo, the realm between realms. He possesses an ancient, sentient, magical banjo that is a weapon of incredible power. Chapter 3
Craig (Crease) Crowley Andy Crowley’s easy-going father, a former fighter pilot in the Royal Canadian Air Force. Chapter 4
Joan Crowley Andy’s loving, overprotective, and by-the-book mother. Chapter 4
Joanne Holcroft Deb Holcroft’s very cool mom. Chapter 4
Deborah (Deb) Holcroft Andy’s life-long friend and possible true-love. Unbeknownst to her, she is also the dream warrior, Peregrinus-Shirle of the Morphean Guard. Chapter 5
Sherle-Peregrinus Dream warrior in the Morphean Guard and commander of forces at the Jotunheim Intersection in the dream realm at Sanctuary Rim Chapter 5
Jasco of Fey Banshee, and renegade soul reaper for the House of Arawn from the realm of Fey, loyal friend and business associate of Kipling Kilroy, and mentor to Andy Crowley. Chapter 6
Warmoles of Limbo Some of the first creatures created in the multiverse by the demiurge Gaia. Their tunnelling through spacetime created the framework upon which material reality formed and grew. Hunted to near-extinction for their spacetime-rending claws, they were rescued by the Lords of Limbo and are now loyal only to the warriors of the realm between realms. Chapter 8
Harry Houdini Legendary Earther escapist and skeptic of all things supernatural, he was killed in a duel with Aleister Crowley. His ghost now doggedly hunts Tin Prince Twain in the pursuit of vengeance and the precious aether that will restore his life. Chapter 9
Sisyphus Olympian philosopher imprisoned in the prison of the gods at Martian Olympus Mons (MOM) for daring to object to Zeus’s obsession with furthering Olympian hegemony in the multiverse. Over the millennia he has learned to astral project and now operates an Olympian diner near Hypnos Somnos on the astral plane. Chapter 10
Michael Former archangel of the soul-trading house of Heaven who became estranged when that realm refused to intervene in the War of Hells. He now serves Lucifer as Commander of the military forces of the United Hells. Chapter 11
Anubis Supreme Arbiter of the Court of the Celestial Necropolis and commander of the Knights of Oblivion responsible for enforcing the Binary Proclamation and the sanctity of fair and just practice in the multiversal commerce of souls. Brother to the mysteriously murdered Lady Anuket who was betrothed to Kipling Kilroy. Chapter 11
Leraje Remarkably charming, genderless marquis of Hell, commander of 30 legions, renowned archer and bounty hunter for sport. Chapter 12
Andrei Rasputin Ancaster Crowley’s doppleganger from a parallel multiverse, Andrei is taken by Tin Prince Twain as the means to control acquire the Glass Grimoire. In his native multiverse he was a space-faring cadet with the United Soviet Socialist Stellar Republic. Chapter 13
Zapir Djinn of the Marid tribe and head of the personal guard for the Olympian imperial family. Chapter 15
Arawn Allfather of the realm of Fey and regent under Lucifer’s rule after annexation of that realm by the United Hells. Chapter 15
Ares Former Olympian general currently serving reluctantly ad Olympian emperor during Zeus’s hiatus. Repentant for his life as a warrior, he is now more interested in synthesizer composition and oil painting. Chapter 15
Cronos Demiurge (Titan) and one of the oldest beings in existence. The only entity known to defy the arrow of spacetime. Imprisoned in Martian Olympus Mons (MOM) Prison for Gods. Chapter 16
Torus Phi Director of the Olympian Clandestine Colonization and Acquisition Marshals (OCCAM) and one of the most renowned mathematical and strategic minds in the multiverse. Chapter 17
Fifth Grandfather Anishinaabe embodiment of humility. Wears the form of a wolf. Chapter 17
Zeus Emperor of Olympus shamed by his wife Hera who transformed him into a gorilla for his infidelities and vowed to leave him if he ever returned to his natural form. He has relinquished rule of Olympus to his son, Ares, as he works on controlling his aggressive, proud Olympian nature. Chapter 17
Nina Yaga Witch of the Yaga coven and direct descendant of the infamous Baba Yaga. Appointed by Tin Prince Twain to expedite the training of Andrei Rasputin in the ways of sorcery. Chapter 19
Rati (disguised as Lada) One of the multiverse’s personification of lust and sexuality who disguises herself as the Slavic fertility goddess, Lada, to assist Tin Prince Twain and Nina Yaga in the training of Andrei Rasputin. Chapter 19

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