A clear, free How and Why of #Meditation toward #Mindfulness

From the Mind of Ven. Henopola Gunaratana

Any who’ve been following the mystical misadventures of Andy Crowley in the Glass Grimoire: the Andy Crowley Saga know the importance of meditation to me and how I conceive this ongoing story.


I feel passionately that meditation is the foundation of a truly fulfilling life — and that the absence of it is the agenda of those who would perfect a consumption-driven culture that leaves people wanting — aka shopping/labouring/blindly obeying

This free e-book simply, clearly conveys both the why and how of beginning and sustaining a meditative practice and mindful presence in the reality that exists beyond the ‘gilded cage of modern consumer society.

Mindfulness in Plain English by Ven. Henepola Gunaratana

Read “Glass Grimoire: the Andy Crowley Saga” from the beginning

Insights, inspiration, and discussion are encouraged and appreciated in the comments below each chapter.

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