Remembering Atomic Rob

1943 – 2015

My dad read more books and explored the inner realms more than anyone I knew. Though most did not know it, he was a huge pulp, fantasy, sci-fi nerd who always seemed to be mapping out an adventure in his mind that would never be possible in life.

Among the fondest memories I have of him include him being the only grown-up I knew back then who loved Star Trek and the time he confided in me (when I was 11) that he lied to my mom so he could sneak off to see Raiders of the Lost Ark by himself.

As I pick up the pen again to get serious about sharing the magic of the inner realm through images as well as words, I came across this pic I drew for him on his 60th Birthday 14 years ago.

I love you dad. I got being a dreamer from you.


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