A Mystical Pulp Serial

Conjured within Our Grimoire of Glass


Harkening back to the serials of Dickens and Twain, Glass Grimoire strives to combine the gee-whiz bravado of a 50s radio sci-fi serial with the psychedelic introspection of a 70s pulp fantasy novella. But it also aspires to be so much more than far-flung fantasy fun!

Think Mysticism 101 in Saturday-morning-cartoon clothing!

The adventures of teenage Dungeon Master and sorcerer, Andy Crowley, were conceived to be a pantheistic potpourri: a post-reductionist rampage into the mystic via a scattershot salad bar of religious, philosophical, metaphysical and esoteric traditions.

What I’ve accomplished so far, I consider a draft. With your help — by way of insights, ideas and interpretations shared in the comments under the chapters — it is my mission to revisit and revise this ongoing story into a living mystical treatise.

And somewhere in here, by way of the most powerful spellbook ever created, we just may cast a spell of our own.

For how much more is possible now that minds can come together in this mystical realm, where the constructs of self and other, and the delusions of inner and outer, so easily fall away?

Such is the embrace — part guile, part grace — of The Glass Grimoire!

Glass Grimoire: The Andy Crowley Saga awaits.

2 thoughts on “A Mystical Pulp Serial

  1. Thanks! Please consider getting involved. I am trying to encourage readers to comment, discuss and share in the comments as they read. I hope you enjoy it.

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