An Ontological Space Opera

Literally Beyond Belief


Born to Rock. Driven to Roll. Doomed to Rule.

In 1984, Andy Crowley was as much about D&D and rock and roll as he was about sorcery. Peculiar passions for one, who – in thirty years – would rule all reality.

From Corbyville to the United Hells, through the secret Venusian enclave of Atlantis to the capital of the First Martian Solar Dynasty, join Andy Crowley, sole sorcerer of Sanctuary; Kipling Kilroy, swashbuckling freebooter of Stygian Olympus; the banshee Jasco, renegade reaper of the soul-trading house of Fey; and The Banjoman, Lord of Limbo, as they race for the most feared relic in all reality – The Glass Grimoire.

But of course, it’s all easier said than done.

In the robot body built for him by Nikola Tesla using stolen Atlantean schematics, Aleister Crowley (no relation), now called the Tin Prince, wants The Grimoire as well; and though feared and admired throughout the multiverse for his superiority with both sword and spell, he has problems of his own. For how much simpler would immortality be if he didn’t have to share his perfect new body with the nagging soul of Mark Twain, be hunted mercilessly by the ghost of Harry Houdini, or rely on the almost limitless supply of spell-fueling souls available to that dandified do-gooder – Lucifer?

Beyond Earth, across the event horizon of Sanctuary Rim, and into the wider, wilder cosmos, where probability is but a plaything of sorcerers, there is a saying…

“…Somewhere in the multiverse, everything is a true story.”

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  1. Thanks! Please consider getting involved. I am trying to encourage readers to comment, discuss and share in the comments as they read. I hope you enjoy it.

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