A Fresh New Look for an Expanding Multiverse

If you think it rocks, please help it roll.

As I put the final touches on Chapter 19 and close in on the end of part two, I have spent some time reorienting my web strategy and visual design.


For readers who’ve been with us for a while, you know this is something I have done fairly frequently, but in the last few weeks I have been feeling a lot of things settling into a place of permanency — as much as that is possible in an evolving, dynamic reality.

I feel at this point, a powerful commitment to moving this world forward, and that commitment has made me feel comfortable investing time into developing the look and the feel of this other place I call home.

The initial response to the new branding has been positive and a surge of new readership has accompanied it.

I know the story being told here is not for everyone, but I am finding that the people it connects with are really engaged. THIS is my currency! I find genuine fulfillment in the experience of having another soul know what I am trying to say. To touch common ground on the deepest, unintelligible, incommunicable inner truths of reality with others is the truest magic to me. It is precisely the spell I had hoped to cast within the Glass Grimoire we share.

And so, humbly and bluntly, I ask for your help.

Upon this crossroads, I ask for your assistance in growing the audience for Andy’s saga. There are a number of ways you can do this.

  • Use the social media buttons below to share this post, any other post, or chapters with others you think might enjoy this story
  • Convey your insights, ideas, and generally converse with other readers in the comment section below the chapters
  • Follow and share on Twitter
  • Follow and share on Facebook
  • Follow and share on Tumblr
  • Follow, participate, and share on Reddit
  • Writing a review, testimonial, or even a one-liner about what you enjoy would be incredibly helpful
  • And if you are a creative type, your own short story about this world, a poem, a koan, a character illustration, or anything you can share would not only be helpful — but appreciated more than you can imagine! Inspiration begets inspiration: art begets art. 

I cannot thank the readers who’ve been on this journey from the beginning enough. Your inspiration has got me to this point. And now I ask for your help in going further.

To new readers — WELCOME! This is now a journey we share.

Thank you in advance for all that you do.

See you beyond The Rim!

Read. Rock. Roll. Repeat.

Glass Grimoire: The Andy Crowley Saga

A journey beyond space and mind awaits!

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