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A Spell of Our Own within this Grimoire of Glass

Harkening back to the serials of Dickens and Twain, Glass Grimoire is part 1940s radio sci-fi serial, part 1970s pulp fantasy novella. But it also aspires to be so much more than far-flung fantasy fun!

Think Mysticism 101 as a Saturday morning cartoon!

The adventures of teenage Dungeon Master and sorcerer, Andy Crowley, were conceived to be a white-knuckle cosmic koan that blows open the collapsing conceits of our post-reductionist society by illuminating a return to mysterious, ancient mystic traditions.

What I’ve accomplished so far, I consider a first draft. With your help — not just by way of funding — but also through insights, ideas and interpretations shared in the comments under the weekly chapters, I plan to revisit and revise this ongoing story, week after week into a living mystical treatise.

Who knows? With your support — and participation — we may just cast a spell of our own, within this grimoire of glass!

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Insights, inspiration, and discussion are encouraged and appreciated in the comments below each chapter.

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