An end to ‘man-with-halo-and-bearding’ the divine

Crucifixion as Parable. Salvation as Mysticism.

Is it possible the crucifixion story simply conveyed that the death of an anthropomorphic notion of god is a necessary step toward salvation/enlightenment through a less colouring-book-and-crayons articulation of God that is more all that is than shining man with beard on throne?

What if it’s as simple as the reckoning of Christ dying on the cross being demonstrative of the need to destroy our arrogant, diminutive, anthropomorphic caricatures of the divine so we could move on to ascertaining it as the totality of existence (including ourselves) as articulated in the classical mystical conception of God as another word for ‘The All’?

What if it really was a case of “when I became a man, I put away childish things” and the Christian story is actually a parable for the importance of moving beyond oversimplification by way of ‘man-with-halo-and-bearding‘ the divine?

Read Glass Grimoire: the Andy Crowley Saga

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