A Mystic’s 2016 Top Ten List of Completely Made-Up Things

In no particular order. ‘Cause, what would be the point, right?

In the tradition of year-end lists, I’ve boiled this down to ten, which is still way up from the one a true mystic would expect.

Sure, we might not be able to ignore the things on this list — but at least we can get better at seeing them as the arbitrarily delineated figments they are rather than the immutable, defined substantialities most people still imagine them to be.

  1. Time
  2. Religions
  3. Countries
  4. Races
  5. Genders
  6. Political Parties and Movements
  7. Currencies and Economic Instruments
  8. Scientific Classifications and Measurements
  9. Laws
  10. Artistic Genres / Fashion

Honourable mentions:

  1. Distinct Self / Ego / Identity
  2. Year-End Top 10 Lists

Of course, this is purely for discussion purposes.

What would you designate as the top 10 reductionist affronts to the mystic’s intrinsically indivisible ontology?

Though this list may seem completely pointless, it embodies some hope that people might start looking at reality a little differently with a mind to not taking the imaginary items on the above list so seriously.

Perhaps in doing so, we may all loosen up somewhat in 2017.

Read and share Glass Grimoire: the Mystical Web Serial Saga of Andy Crowley

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