Meditation, Mindfulness, & Racism

Science, Mysticism, & Awakening to the Race Construct

Readers of the Glass Grimoire: the Mystical Web Serial Saga of Andy Crowley know that mysticism vs. reductionism is a major theme in Andy’s pulp fantasy adventure.

Central to the story is the idea that all reality is a unified oneness, and only by way of human constructs is existence parsed, delineated, and otherwise mangled into the quagmire of divisions, categories and labels we delusionally hold immutable and true.


I have said here before that I believe this mistaken modality of perception and cognition is fostered in our culture as way to divide, limit and imprison us.

I have also proposed that the practice of meditating toward mindfulness — which may merely be a modern, more acceptable way of articulating timeless practices undertaken to attain the mystic state whereby one may ascertain monism — is the means by which we return to what may have once been our natural modality of awareness, and a way out of the maze we have been conditioned to construct for ourselves.

Nowhere, except maybe in the ridiculous notion that lines on a map or coloured rectangles of cloth that flap in the wind are real things (intrinsic to the identities we fabricate for ourselves no less!), is our constructed, conceptualized culture’s reductionism run amok more obvious than with the issue of race. Or should I say non-issue — for there is, even scientifically speaking — no such thing.

The article below articulates this sentiment in terms of current events.

Racial Identity is Biological Nonsense says Reith Lecturer 

And I felt compelled to ask Glass Grimoire readers share it far and wide.

For though we live in a time where many people are untangling their consciousnesses from the binds of the arbitrary lines we have drawn, as we have seen of late, too many are still too susceptible to slipping backward into the crude machinations of the superficial colouring-book-and-crayons culture that delineates and demonizes in order to divide and conquer.

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