Upon Pages of Glass, a Grimoire for Our Time

Returning to The Reality We Once Knew

Glass Grimoire is more than an open-ended, omni-genre approach to fiction that embraces the vast canvas offered by the Internet. It is more than a reimagining of the spirit of the 19th Century newspaper serials of Dickens and Twain, and the pulp radio serials of the 40s and 50s.

There is a reason this work of fantasy fiction is steeped in philosophical, esoteric, occult, mythological, and philosophical tradition. And it quite purposefully embodies a post-reductionist, mystical perspective: a perspective revered long before either science or religion — and a perspective finding renewed pertinence in a world where our means for sharing information and inspiration that connects us to one another is right at our fingertips.

It is my hope that this story might manifest as something we can connect to together: something that will evolve into a force that will re-illuminate and proliferate ancient — perhaps intrinsically human — truths still known to a few but still hidden from too many.

Andy Crowley’s story is conceived of as a spark within The Glass Grimoire. But it is all of us together that will fan it to a flame.

If this be the tome — one by which modern sorcery has connected us to one another by pages of glass — then this tome’s tale is but inspiration to invocation. The true magic that arises herein will do so by way of the interpretations, information and illuminations you provide, discuss and share in the comments below each chapter. In turn, those comments will become edits as a living mystical document emerges to guide us into ourselves, away from the shadows on the wall of Plato’s cave, back into light.

As your participation informs and refines this evolving story, together we may craft a mystic primer for transcending the arbitrarily delineated delusion of the world to which we so lazily cling — instead to experience once again the ancient dance of being and reality eternally promised and too long ignored.

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