A Message to Glass Grimoire Readers

Glass Grimoire is an open-ended, omni-genre approach to fiction that embraces the vast canvas offered by the Internet.

It is conceived in the spirit of the 19th Century newspaper serials of Dickens and Twain, and the pulp radio serials of the 40s and 50s, but endeavours to advance on those conceptions in a time where we are capable of accessing information that once evaded popular awareness in a medium that connects us and empowers us to share and interact like never before.

This tale is steeped in philosophical, esoteric, occult and mythological tradition and fully embraces a post-reductionist, mystical perspective.

Sharing your thoughts, interpretations and insights in the comment section below each chapter is encouraged — as is using the social media buttons to share this work and widen this conversation.

It is my hope that in the sharing, discovery unfolds, and that the cognitive delineation and division run wild in our society begins to melt away.

The words of Andy’s worlds are a dream, both literally and figuratively: a dream about how we may come to understand that the term Glass Grimoire has a meaning much deeper, and much more profound than that of a mere McGuffin in the raucous romp through reality of a teenage sorcerer from Corbyville.

Read and share Glass Grimoire: the Andy Crowley Saga

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