Plato’s Forms and D&D: a Dice of Life

Are the Platonic Solids the Fundamental Forms of More than One Reality?

A picture is worth a complete absence of words in a situation like this, so I will keep it brief.

Considering, magic, D&D and Plato figure so prominently in Glass Grimoire: the Mystical Web Serial Saga of Andy Crowley, I could not pass on mentioning this cosmic peculiarity. Namely that the five fundamental forms Plato postulated determine the structure of all constructs in reality are exactly the same five forms that determine the structure of reality in Dungeons & Dragons.


Merely coincidence? Could the fundamental nature of the Platonic solids be interpreted in another way?

Ponder profusely, for you may be responsible for more than you think in that world you are building between the bags of chips and bottles of pop in that vast cosmological forge you think of a merely a musty recroom.

Andy Crowley, Sole Sorcerer of Sanctuary, as well as esteemed Dungeon Master of Corbyville never leaves his native plane of existence without his purple and gold velvet whiskey bag of Platonic solids — that many think of only as dice.

As above, so below indeed!

Read and share Glass Grimoire: the Mystical Web Serial Saga of Andy Crowley

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