Einsteinian Mysticism & Pulp Fantasy Scifi Steampunk Soup

Post-Pigeon-Hole Preposterousness in the Long Past Due Age of 4-Dimensional Thinking

Everyone has a perspective and everyone can write, draw, paint, dance or otherwise convey it. I am just one among billions.

Any who follow this blog know that I often go on about how the Internet age should have long ago ushered in a new renaissance across the entire spectrum of human achievement, but has instead amounted to a collective race to the lowest common denominator.

I’d like to augment that notion with another.

Not only does the Internet empower any one person with the remarkable ability to share their artistic, scientific or philosophical vision with a planetary audience, it also simultaneously empowers them to easily and diversely inform and evolve that vision.

Andy Crowley and the Grace of the Glass Grimoire is grounded in my lifelong interest in metaphysics and 40s – 70s pulp science fantasy. But as I have written it, I have discovered my interests have grown, drifted and evolved, dare I say, like the shifting purple mists of Limbo! Its classic relativity: the absence of a fixed point.

As I write more, I read more, as I read more, I discover that, with the entire repository of human knowledge and thought at my fingertips, I can go wherever I want to — and I can bring technical legitimacy to whichever new path my characters/plots/ thoughts haphazardly careen onto!

And so the question becomes, why shouldn’t I? Why shouldn’t we all? Structure, tradition, formula, expectations from the marketing department, and the corporate media critics be damned!

Isn’t the time for us to embrace the theatre of the absurd way past due? I mean think about it. Where has the hyper-categorization of reality — not to mention art, science, and thought in general gotten us? Indeed, I would argue such conceptual bottlenecking has always served to function as little more than a means for distributing power in society in a way that is favourable to a traditional, entrenched aristocracy with a vested interest in bottlenecking everything from natural resources to notions about what freedom actually is.

Sure, you say — it got us this Internet! To which I say, fair enough, but that’s beside the point. Let’s put it to work doing what it can do for US!

This article from — of all places — CNN references how Einstein’s theory of General Relativity should have altered our entire way of perceiving reality, but hasn’t.

There was a moment after Einstein when Jazz, comic books and Picasso hinted at where we might go in terms of blowing up our tendency to delineate our perception and conveyance of things; but it was not to last.  And where it did take hold, it was (I would say, strategically) trivialized. It is no coincidence to me that works of art mainstream sentiment considers childish or silly are in fact the works that come closest to conveying Einsteinian, Buddhist, or mystical perspectives.

Now, imagine for a moment…

… billions of people accessing everything humanity has ever known to inform everything they are thinking and creating — and can share with everyone else.

Now Imagine the billions of people doing this while obliterating the arbitrarily delineated notions that have shackled them. Imagine that rather than thinking in absolute, categorized terms as they have been systemically socialized, enculturated and socialized to do, they are thinking relativistically — mystically!

We have never been more powerful. We just have to move beyond the colouring-book-and-crayon conceits every system in our culture foists upon us.

Go here and you will grasp what I am getting at with the incredible sorcerous power embodied in the Glass Grimoire you are reading this on now.

Odds are there is someone out there who wants to produce a Shakespearean moral examination of the Canadian seal hunt set in the Wild West and conveyed through Irish Dance. And why shouldn’t they get to scratch that itch? There is just as likely a couple of people at least who want to see that exact thing! Why shouldn’t they get to? How much more interesting and inspiring could the world be?

Forget ruts. Get nuts.

It’s long overdue.

Rock, Roll, Rule.

Read and share Glass Grimoire: the Mystical Web Serial Saga of Andy Crowley for free.

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